Caterpillar Equipments are Stalwarts in Heavy Machinery Globally

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Infrastructure and the construction industry have top companies manufacturing their products. These products are full of innovation and dynamism. They all have huge contributions in the development of the current cities, the infrastructure, larger than life skyscrapers and other structures like railways, bridges, roads, sea bridges, etc. Caterpillar is one of the pioneers in this industry and has been instrumental in making these innovations possible.

heavy-machineryCaterpillar Inc. was first started in the year 1925 with the merger of Holt Manufacturing Company and the C. L. Best Tractor Company into a new entity. It is now a global giant with many high profile heavy equipments and machinery in most categories. In the initial years of its establishment, steam tractors and traction engines were created by its founders. The name Caterpillar was derived when the first of the tractors by the company was being driven in a soggy delta region and it moved like a caterpillar.

After successful machine production, Caterpillar made huge progress with heavy machinery and construction equipments. At the time of World War 1, the Gun Tractor got excellent recognition and this was a major boost to the quality conscious makers which was additional inspiration for future development. Holt tractors by Caterpillar used to be known as one of the most significant military vehicles of all time. Even at the time of the great depression, Caterpillar equipments, especially tractors were gaining great popularity. Caterpillar 30 and Caterpillar 60 were two of the tractors that gained maximum popularity and gave extravagant momentum to the company.

Caterpillar equipments are available in most of the category lines in the infrastructure development and construction industry. Some of the popular equipments manufactured by Caterpillar Inc. are – excavators, motor graders, pipe layers, Caterpillar 60, D-Series, loaders, dumpers, demolition excavators, etc. Caterpillar excavators are exceptional multipurpose equipments. They are mainly used for trenching, leveling, debris clearance, etc. Being compact, they are hugely helpful in tight areas with less space. This also makes them very fuel efficient. They have great balance which is quite useful for performing tasks like forestry work, foundation digging, handling and transporting materials, heavy object lifting, etc. For all its equipments, Caterpillar has attachments for them to perform multipurpose tasks, which make them versatile and most sought after. The attachments used for equipments are different kinds of buckets, dumpers, blades, brooms, lumber forks and reversible plows.

Today Caterpillar, also known as CAT is the world’s biggest manufacturer and supplier of construction machinery, mining equipments, diesel engines, gas engines and turbines. Caterpillar has also diversified its businesses and the logistics division of the company takes care that the equipments and parts are delivered on time most parts of the world. The financial division offers help to customers looking for finance options for Caterpillar parts and machinery. Caterpillar’s rental services provide equipments on rent to companies and individuals on contract basis. Many a times, the company also provides an operator with the equipment and sometimes even covers the maintenance of the same. By doing this, Caterpillar sends out a message that you can carry on with the work that you intend to do, while they take care of the maintenance.

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