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Buying construction equipments is not the only option considering the project costs, guidelines, time frames and the execution roadmap. Things need to be planned well in advance keeping in mind the commercials and complexities involved. A construction site has various demands for different tasks needed to be carried out on a scheduled basis. There are requirements for tractors, booms, backhoes, skid steers, crawlers, bulldozers, cranes, trenchers, etc. for various processes to be executed so that the project is completed on time, maintaining all the quality guidelines and the whole process is seamless.


Equipments and machinery vary so much in their functions and size that there has to be clarity before you list out the number of equipments to be bought or leased. Considering the costs of the machinery equipments and the depreciation it attracts every year, individuals and companies sometimes contemplate leasing equipments for execution of their projects. It is imperative that you watch out for the most technologically advanced machinery for execution of your project. This is one of the biggest advantages of leasing equipments – you always have the latest technology at your disposal and it rests with you whether you want to have frequent upgrades of your equipments which might not be very practical if you buy those out.

Companies like Caterpillar and John Deere have rental facility which is directly provided by them. Similarly, there are many top manufacturers that render rental services. These rentals are on contractual basis and many a times it happens that even complete maintenance is borne by the companies. This is win-win situation for the clients wherein they just have to concentrate on the project and the rest is taken care of by the companies. Such options are always great for people to consider wherein there are flexible terms in the leasing contract which can be quite attractive looking at the current economic situation around the world. Individuals and companies that don’t have large reserves of cash cannot afford to buy machinery equipments. As per a recent survey, contractors are of the opinion that equipment rentals are better long -term options as opposed to buying one.

Leasing construction machinery also gives you the chance of testing out some of the best available equipments without you having to buy them. You don’t have to worry about the huge sum of money that one has to pay before availing the services of such machinery. For contractors with lesser number of on-going projects, if they have their machinery unused, they incur heavy losses on the same. Contractors who lease machinery only have to calculate a fixed monthly cost for the machinery without having to worry about the maintenance and sometimes even regarding operators of such machinery. Yes, there are many companies, who along with the equipment, sends a full-time operator to on the site and further lessening your worries. Even if you have finance options available for complete buyout, there are financial plans in the range of 3-5 years which burdens you with the installment nightmare.

These heavy-duty vehicles, specially designed to carry out and execute construction and engineering tasks are something quite essential and irreplaceable. In the long run you don’t have to worry about the maintenance costs, depreciation, parking, storage or warehousing costs. Renting an equipment can prove to be very beneficial if you conduct a thorough research on the preparations and the construction.

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